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Simple Ways to Build Your Child's Self-Confidence: Focus on the Family (2 of 2)

"Dr. Randy Schroeder explains some very simple ways to build your child's self-confidence. In this two-part video series, Dr. Schroeder shares how crucial it is for your child to have self-confidence, saying it'll help them to have a successful, godly and responsible adult life. In part 2, Dr. Schroeder explains why it's important to focus more on effort and improvent in your child, rather than on outcome. He suggests that parents not worry so much about their children's grades, but whether they're putting in effort and trying to improve. He challenges parents to help your child understand that there is a solution to every problem and that problems are temporary. Dr. Schroeder also encourages parents to get kids involved in helping with household chores at an early age and several other great tips that parents can start putting into practice today." from video introduction.

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