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Solitude: Introduction to the Solitude Practice

Solitude: Introduction to the Solitude Practice

Premiered Sep 14, 2023

"Our world is noisier than it’s ever been. Between noise pollution, our phones, and the digital era we live in, it is now possible to be alone but never truly be alone. Solitude has essentially disappeared from our modern world. And yet, Jesus prioritized solitude.

In the first episode of the Solitude season, Bethany Allen and Bryan Rouanzoin interview John Mark Comer about the practice of solitude and why it's essential for every apprentice of Jesus.

This podcast accompanies the Solitude Practice, developed by Practicing the Way. Thanks to the generosity of The Circle, all our resources are free. To learn more about The Circle or to run a Practice with your church, community, or small group, visit" from video introduction

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