Special 13 Part Series, Beginning June 8th - Deliver Us from Evil with Demonologist Adam Blai

Beginning June 8th will be the introduction to a 13 part series from Third Millennium Media.

People today are interested in the subject of Demons mostly as a result of movies and TV. But the reality of theses creatures who inhabit the unseen realm that intersects with ours is very different than what we imagine. They are vile and hate filled and can harm us in many ways. Demons operate in this world by permission of God. Adam Blai discusses how Demons are permitted to tempt us. His involvement in over 100 exorcisms has resulted in such bizarre instances of Demons recognizing him and remarking through the person they are possessing, "It's you again!"

Demons are real and so is Spiritual Warfare. Our charge is to pray for those like Blai serving Christ in the battle against Evil!

Demonologist Adam Blai

"My name is Adam Blai. I have a Masters of Science from Penn State in Adult Clinical Psychology. I have done psychological work in community and forensic settings. I am a peritus of religious demonology and exorcism for the diocese of Pittsburgh and train priests in exorcism on a national level. I am an auxiliary member of the International Association of Exorcists.

Some media has mistakenly called me a "psychologist" which is a title reserved for people licensed in psychology. I have a masters and am not licensed in Pennsylvania. I've worked as a Masters level therapist for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections as a Psychological Services Specialist." from his website: religiousdemonology.com

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