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Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: Missing 411 The UFO Connection- Behind the Scenes/The Making Of

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Missing 411 The UFO Connection

"This is a discussion with David Paulides about the making of the documentary, Missing 411 The UFO Connection. Watch our trailer for the movie!! © David Paulides NABS LLC" from video introduction

Whether we want to consider this or not there is more and more evidence that our lives are intersecting constantly with the invisible realm that the Bible has told us about. We post-moderns are so cynical and unobservant that we often miss what is right in front of us. WE don't want to believe certain realities are possible, like alien life forms, dimensional entities and more.

These entities be they demonic or something else knows this and seems to manipulate accordingly.

Is God still on the throne?

There is no reason to think otherwise. Our arrogance to think we can understand all of the possible realities and creatures that inhabit it keeps us from seeing what is before us.

Do demonic or interdimensional entities interfere and even cause the harm and death of humans today?

They always have and now for some reason we are taking notice.

Will we ever understand? I think we will only see segments of the phenomenon and not the whole. This is an excellent video from David Paulides. The trailer is also excellent. we can look forward to watching it! - Andy

Missing 411: The UFO Connection - Official Trailer

Available Digitally November 15th, 2022

"In Missing 411: The UFO Connection, David Paulides continues the research of people who vanish in the wild. David's third documentary reveals the first evidence documenting a link between UFO/UAP and missing people. For the past sixty years, there has been a steady stream of cases where cattle vanish and are later found mutilated. Parallel to the cattle disappearing, there have been strange deaths of elk and deer that are rarely reported. David's team found a report about a group of workers that witnessed an elk abducted by a UAP. These individuals were interviewed by trained investigators, and one item that they claimed concern was being abducted by the very UAPs that took the elk! Years of dogged research found a region in the United States where hunters of a specific heritage had disappeared while elk hunting. One of these hunters had told his girlfriend that he had been followed out of the woods by a UFO/UAP, something he said scarred him. Soon after telling the story, this same hunter vanished on a hunt and was never found. After researching thousands of missing person reports, interviewing search and rescue professionals, and visiting hundreds of locations where victims have disappeared, The CanAm Missing Project team developed a list of profile points that describe a Missing 411 case. These profile points are used to vet all potential candidates for research. This ten-year project brings together top officials from the FBI, local law enforcement, search team members, and others that describe a spell-binding fact trail that will leave the viewer asking more questions from officials. Missing 411- The UFO Connection." from video introduction

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