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Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: The New UFO Report

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

newspapers and photo of ufo
UFO Report

The New UFO Report

Be Skeptical, be Open Minded

This thing some have labeled "The Phenomenon" as a collective term and which I use at the moment is old and vast.

Our human hubris, sin, deceit and imagination have made what could be straightforward into very high wall that seems impossible to scale.

Many are trying to dig under it seems now that a little hope has been kindled by disclosures in the past few years.

The latest is the defense intelligence report requested by congress. I realize many people are not interested in the topic yet many are. If you are Christian I am attempting to get up to speed on "The Phenomenon" and give some Skeptical yet open minded appraisals.

I personally believe that this is an intelligent intrusion into our lives and it has affected many and continues to do so. - Andy

US Intelligence Community Releases Long-Awaited UFO Report

Washington CNN —

The US intelligence community on Friday released its long-awaited report on what it knows about a series of mysterious flying objects that have been seen moving through restricted military airspace over the last several decades.

In short, the answer, according to Friday’s report, is very little, but the intelligence community’s release of the unclassified document marks one of the first times the US government has publicly acknowledged that these strange aerial sightings by Navy pilots and others are worthy of legitimate scrutiny.

The report examined 144 reports of what the government terms “unidentified aerial phenomenon” — only one of which investigators were able to explain by the end of the study. Investigators found no evidence that the sightings represented either extraterrestrial life or a major technological advancement by a foreign adversary like Russia or China, but acknowledge that is a possible explanation.

“We were able to identify one reported UAP with high confidence. In that case, we identified the object as a large, deflating balloon. The others remain unexplained,” the report says, using the Pentagon’s terminology for UFOs.

“Of the 144 reports we are dealing with here, we have no clear indications that there is any non-terrestrial explanation for them — but we will go wherever the data takes us,” a senior US official said.

But investigators were also convinced that the majority of the sightings were “physical objects,” the official told.." from the article: US intelligence community releases long-awaited UFO report


Latin quote from Marcus Aurelius - "The universe is change, our life is what our thoughts make it."

Below is a link to the entire report:

UFO Report (Link)

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