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Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: The Phenomenon, Increasing Activity/What Disclosure Could Reveal

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Part 1

Ross Coulthart's New Documentary - The Smoking Gun of UFO Disclosure

Video from Chris Lehto

Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: The Phenomenon, Increasing Activity/What Disclosure Could Reveal

"This is from a UAP Society interview with Ross Coulthart, Chris Lehto, Vinnie Adams, and Carl the Crusher on 23 Aug 2022, 800 AEST. Ross Coulthart was pessimistic about UFO disclosure. Ross is one of Australia’s top journalists and entered the field of ufology intent on proving the facade. He was going to get to the bottom of the story like “investigative are meant to do. An investigative journalist should ignore the accepted reality of a situation and go and look at the evidence and talk with people in the know.” Ross’s view changed dramatically after a recent trip through the US. Congress is motivated to learn the truth. “Was a US president lied to?” Is proper disclosure in the coming months? Thanks for watching, liking, and subscribing! It really helps the channel. Support the channel at Join the DeSci movement at" from the video introduction

What Disclosure Could Reveal

"The reality around us now is that whatever "The Phenomenon" includes, everything from UAPs to Mothman, cryptids, etc. is becoming more noticed and more visible by the day. There is more interest and therefore much more data. The fact that the Military/Corporate Military contractors have been studying UFOs, the paranormal, etc. for many years is now evident.

The link with our consciousness has become more evident through "experiencer" accounts and the sheer variety of beings and encounters could lead us to think that "The Phenomenon" is manipulating people to experience and see many different things.

It also is no coincidence that many of these things are mentioned in the Bible. So as believers, we must not be misled by the obvious bias against this reality.

Now more than ever before there is a growing list of reliable, professional, and diverse cadre of UAP researchers. As the world takes notice of the long-standing "Phenomenon" of UAPs and the many associated paranormal, and supernatural happenings the caliber of those researching and seeking answers has grown tremendously. Start by listening to Richard Dolan, Gary Nolan, Ross Coulthart & Bryce Zabel, Jim Goodall, and Michael Schratt, and reading their books and articles. there are many more. - Andy

Part 2 will follow tomorrow with the complete documentary "The Smoking Gun of UFO Disclosure

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