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Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: UFO/UAP Physical Effects - Harm & Healings

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Dr. Garry Nolan on Tucker Carlson (FULL INTERVIEW)

Video from Project Unity

UFO/UAP Physical Effects - Harm & Healings

The full interview of Dr. Garry Nolan discussing UFOs with Tucker Carlson.

What significance should we place on "The Phenomenon" harming or healing people? To begin with if anything or anyone is harming people it is a concern. If an unknown force or entities is abducting and also harming or killing people we must be very concerned.

Despite the claims of many "experiencers" that THEY are just here to help us people are being harmed, whether its intentional or not is beside the point.

The healing of people as well is suspect in my opinion. Why? How can we trust the intentions of a complete unknown?

Below are some articles that provide information to consider.

DO UFO Encounters Harm People?

Can and do encounters with UFO's and entities/abductions result in the injury and even death of people? There have been reports of this for many years. How real are the reports?

Military Personal Harmed by UFO's

"Hundreds of military officers have had injuries including brain damage and burns after encounters with UFOs, a top brain expert and former CIA officer has revealed.

Detroit Professor Christopher Green was commissioned around 2010 by a secret $22million defense program monitoring UFOs, to write a paper on injuries from close encounters with 'anomalous' craft.

In an exclusive interview with the forensic neuroimaging expert, who has worked with the CIA since the 1960s, said he dealt with 'hundreds of patients' including special forces officers and other military personnel hurt after interacting with unidentified craft, some of whom later died..." from the article: Military Officers Suffered Injuries

AM I SAFE OR NOT SAFE? Richard Dolan & Tracey (reaction) Ariel Phenomenon Movie

Jul 7, 2022

"This is a clip from Richard & Tracey's "Off the Cuff Podcast #13" where they discuss the new UFO documentary "Ariel Phenomenon." This concerns the 1994 Zimbabwe schoolchildren alien/UFO encounter, witnessed by no less than 62 schoolchildren ages 5-14. Produced by Randall Nickerson, this is the first full-length treatment of the event, including never-before-seen original interview footage, as well as fresh interviews of the witnesses, who are now in their 30s and 40s." from video introduction

AATIP’s 6th UFO Observable: Biological Effects and Injuries from The Phenomenon

Six Observables of UAP's

"AATIP’s five observables have been a main focal point for TTSA to educate and describe what is witnessed and occurring regarding UFOs.

Thanks to an interview with Tom DeLonge and Luis Elizondo published by and written by Matt Farwell, we now know there are in fact at least six observables. The sixth being a sensitive subject to say the least.

“There was also, he told me, another “observable” they were more reluctant to discuss. “The sixth is biological effects,” he said, the sun descending over the Pacific Ocean. People with close encounters and paranormal experiences were in danger of potential morphological changes to the body and brain, something Lue’s people had to deal with. In one instance, a staff officer came home from a mission, went to their apartment, and fell asleep in the bedroom. The officer’s roommate experienced what can only be described as poltergeist phenomena—mostly books flying off shelves—serious enough that the police were called. That case, Elizondo told me, posed an only-in-the-Pentagon bureaucratic problem: There’s no way for a service member to qualify for a service-connected disability based on demonic possession, poltergeist inhabitation, or spontaneous close-encounter telekinesis.”

Included in the Chris Mellon website leak was a document detailing AATIP sub-focus areas which deal with biological effects among other topics.." from the article: AATIP’s 6th UFO Observable: Biological Effects and Injuries from The Phenomenon

Do UFO Encounters Heal People?

A Skeptic’s Guide to the Healing Power of UFOs: What is The Evidence for this Phenomenon? How Common is it and Why Does it Happen?

"Anyone who has done even the smallest amount of objective research into the subject of UFOs knows that UFOs are real. An overwhelming amount of evidence supports this fact.

Are UFOs real?

The evidence comes in many forms, including eyewitness testimonies, photographs, moving films, radar returns, metal fragments, landing traces, animal reactions, medical effects, electromagnetic effect cases, implant removals, historical accounts, crash/retrieval claims, and thousands of pages of documents from many U.S. governmental institutions, not to mention other governments.

The question today is not if UFOs are real. There are more important questions to answer, such as, what are they? Why are they here? Where do they come from? The most popular theory is that UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin, though there are a number of lesser known theories. UFO experts continue to argue over the question of why UFOs are here. The prevailing opinion is that they are neither invaders nor saviors but are simply here to study humanity.

There are many reasons why people remain UFO skeptics. Almost without exception, the skeptic vastly underestimates the amount and quality of the evidence. Furthermore, prejudiced beliefs and preconceived notions tend to blind people to the possibility of UFOs.

But there is one main reason why so many people remain UFO skeptics. UFOs are a package deal including the entire gamut of the unexplained. The skeptic is instantly confronted with stories of levitation, telepathy, movement through solid objects, poltergeists, Bigfoot, and even worse…unexplained healings.

The typical reaction is to reject the entire subject as complete nonsense. The skeptic leaves the subject in disgust, horrified that people can actually believe such lurid accounts as alien abductions...

..Three typical scenarios for a UFO healing

Transported from bedroom to ship A person is awakened in their bedroom to see aliens at the foot of the bed. They are taken inside a UFO, given a physical examination and told that they are sick with a disease. The aliens tell the abductee that they will perform a cure. After being probed with various instruments, the person is returned to their bedroom. Upon examination, all traces of the disease are gone.

Hospital Visitation A person is hospitalized because of injury, illness or disease. While alone in the hospital room, the patient is visited by a strange doctor who says she is there to help the patient. The “doctor” holds a small instrument over the patient and may administer medicine in the form of pills. The “doctor” leaves, often as mysteriously as she arrived. The patient quickly discovers that all symptoms of ill health have disappeared.

Driving A person is driving along a road when a UFO makes a close pass over the car, sending down a beam of light. The person is engulfed in the beam of light. Suddenly the UFO leaves and the person discovers that they no longer suffer from an illness, disease or injury.

These accounts are reported by all types of people from all over the world. But because healings are among the most incredible of all UFO stories, it is not too surprising that they are often ignored or given only brief mention..." from the article: A skeptic’s guide to the healing power of UFOs: What is the evidence for this phenomenon? How common is it and why does it happen?

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