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St Anthony's Monastery, Arizona

Video from Tom Palotas

"St Anthony's Monastery, Florence, Arizona. Video taken in December of 2019." from video introduction.

I find it interesting how God manifest himself in different ways and how men worship him also in different ways. Here in America we seldom take notice of places like St. Anthony's. Here is some interesting video footage.

"Francis Kottis (Saint Joseph’s name before his monastic tonsure) was born in Paros1 on February 12, 1897, the fourth of seven children to the simple but pious couple George and Maria Kottis. Because of their extreme poverty, Francis left home at the age of seventeen to work in Piraeus2 as a merchant to support his large family... Saint Joseph’s legacy has been carried on by his disciples, who have reestablished the practice of noetic prayer and watchfulness on the Holy Mountain, brought Athonite monasticism to the United States and Canada, and encouraged many Orthodox faithful through the publishing of his life and letters. Today the spiritual grandchildren of Saint Joseph, who endearingly refer to him as “Pappou Iosif” (Grandfather Joseph in Greek), call upon him to help them in their spiritual life, and he in turn stands before the throne of God and intercedes for his spiritual children and grandchildren, and all those who call upon him..." from the website: St. Anthony's Monastery

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