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Supporting Israel in the Midst of Evil

Supporting Israel in the Midst of Evil
Supporting Israel in the Midst of Evil

Supporting Israel in the Midst of Evil

“No matter what your position is on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, if you rejoice over the slaughter of Israeli women, children, babies, and the elderly, your heart is evil.” Dr. Michael Brown

The facts are that Israel is not blameless in its decades long dealing with the Palestinians.

There been many cases of abuse and cruelty by Israeli soldiers over the years. These were investigated and tried in court, not celebrated as Hamas and other are doing.

Hamas and Iran hold no moral high ground and the endless cycle of revenge could be ended by their actions and words.

Nothing Israel has done now or in the past can compare to the barbaric actions of Hamas.

Hamas leaders cowardly hide in underground bunkers under hospitals and in other civilian areas. They know that the IDF is a moral army and won’t bomb them.

Pray for Israel’s swift military victory. Pray for the soldiers and pray for the return of every Israeli hostage. Pray for the families of the hostages and those murdered.

The word ‘hamas’ in Hebrew :

Hamas Definition: violence; wrong Common uses:

  • an oath imputing responsibility for a wrong someone has endured with;

  • violent person;

  • witness who does wrong, false witness

Sadly the Palestinian militant group chose a name which denotes, in Hebrew, the idea of someone who is a violent person and/or a false prophet.

Israel’s 9/11: The Need for Moral Clarity

"On Saturday, Hamas—an Islamist terrorist group based in the Gaza Strip and funded by Iran—launched a large-scale attack on southern Israel by sea, land, and air. As of this writing, over 900 Israelis have died, 2,400 are wounded, and hundreds more have been taken hostage.

The images and videos emerging on social media are horrifying: unsuspecting partygoers slaughtered at a music festival; a father helping his children escape through a roof only to be murdered himself; terrorists parading a naked woman on the back of a pickup truck; an elderly Holocaust survivor forced to hold a gun and pose with a Hamas soldier; a young woman with two daughters, ages 5 and 3, taken as hostages. Some have likened the psychological toll on Israel to 9/11’s on America. It’s the most deadly mass killing of Jews in a single day since the Holocaust, and it’s bound to transform Israeli society in profound ways.

Irrespective of Christians’ differing views on the place of the modern nation of Israel in God’s redemptive plan, we believe this is a moment when it’s not only possible but necessary to speak out with moral clarity.." from the article: Israel’s 9/11: The Need for Moral Clarity

What Should Christians Do About the Israel - Hamas War? | Israel Updates/Prayer | Rabbi Jason Sobel

"Rabbi Jason Sobel gives updates on the Israel - Hamas War and attacks at the Israel Gaza boarder and what we are Christians should do while Israel is at war. We also spend time in prayer for the people of Israel for their safety and God's provision as well as a changing of the hearts for the attackers. Thank you for viewing this video on the Rabbi Jason Sobel YouTube channel! If you like this and want more, please click the "thumbs up" and SUBSCRIBE to this channel for more videos that will help you journey deeper in knowing Yeshua-Jesus." from video introduction

What’s the Israel-Palestine conflict about? A simple guide

"It’s killed tens of thousands of people and displaced millions. And its future lies in its past. We break it down.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has claimed tens of thousands of lives and displaced many millions of people and has its roots in a colonial act carried out more than a century ago.

With Israel declaring war on the Gaza Strip after an unprecedented attack by the armed Palestinian group Hamas on Saturday, the world’s eyes are again sharply focused on what might come next..." from the article: What’s the Israel-Palestine conflict about? A simple guide

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