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Teis Albers Black & White Portraits & Paintings

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Teis Albers
Teis Albers

Teis Albers Black & White Portraits & Paintings

Meet Dutch Mix-Media Artist Teis Albers

Teis Albers hails from Berlicum in the Netherlands. He tells us about his multidisciplinary career, the inspiration he finds in vintage objects, graffiti, and flowers, and how he ‘zones out’ – transporting himself to another place – whilst he’s working.

Q: Hi Teis, were you always creative as a kid or did you discover your talents later on in life?

A: I’ve been interested in computers from a young age and I went to my grandfather’s house a lot – he was the first person I knew to have a home PC.

He also used to paint and I think that artistic environment of canvasses and brushes inspired me subconsciously. I later became interested in graffiti and graphic design and slowly developed my talents.

Q: Did you have any other jobs before you became a full-time artist?

A: I studied graphic design in Eindhoven and had some internships at advertising agencies. This was a great way to explore the world of applied arts. Right after my studies, I set up my own studio where I do lots of graphic and online design.." from the article: Meet Dutch mix-media artist Teis Albers

Floral Decay V
Floral Decay V

Teis Albers Photography

Video from Teis Albers

"Some black and white portraits I've taken through the years. Accompanied by some nice instrumental music by my friend @jeroenkant Follow me on instagram for more black and white portrait photography:

Or go to my photography website" from video introduction

Visit his website:

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