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'The Air We Breathe' Bible Study - With Glen Scrivener Chapter 3: Compassion

Video from Speak Life

"We are excited to bring you this series of videos to accompany Glen Scrivener's latest book, The Air We Breathe: How We All Came to Believe in Freedom, Kindness, Progress, and Equality Chapter 3: Compassion DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: 1. What stood out to you most from this chapter? 2. How does our belief in compassion (and our objection to cruelty) show itself today? 3. How did Jesus and his followers pioneer the way of kindness? (Give examples from the chapter, and add some from your own experience.) 4. The way of nature is “survival of the fittest.” In what ways does Jesus bring the supernatural to the world? READ LUKE 10:25-37 1. How do the robbers and priests show the way of nature? 2. How does the Good Samaritan show the supernatural way of Jesus? 3. Most of us spend our lives trying not to be the man beaten by robbers. What would it look like to emulate the Good Samaritan instead? " from video introduction


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