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The Alchemistress: The Art of Large Format Photography

Video from Grant Originals

The Alchemistress: The Art of Large Format Photography

"Introducing a Grant Company Original: Step into the world of large-format photography with Lindsey Ross, a California-based wet-plate photographer who revives the 19th-century art form across the West. Grant Originals brings little-known stories to life – authentic stories that intrigue and inspire others to do." from video introduction

"Lindsey Ross is a California-based artist who primarily works with large format photography and the 19th century process, wet-plate collodion.

Ross started working in this process in 2011 and she quickly realized it was the ideal format for her artistic practice. Ross seeks autonomy yet, at the same time, a sense of connection. The slow pace of collodion requires a presence and intimacy that connects Ross to both the physical and spiritual world.

In 2015, Ross rebuilt a 20x24in process camera from the 1920’s. She had always admired the work of William Henry Jackson and Carleton Watkins, who documented the American West in the same format in the late 19th century. Ross soon found herself documenting the American West as well but from the perspective of a woman in the 21st century.

Two years later, in 2017, Ross had a 32x24in Chamonix View Camera custom built. She wanted to create larger art objects allowing the viewer to step into the environment of the image. Ross was the first American to own a Chamonix-built camera of these dimensions.

Ross has participated in several artist residencies including Telluride Mountain Film Festival, The Squire Foundation and the Budapest Art Factory. Her work has most recently been exhibited at Andrew Smith Gallery in Tucson and Penumbra Foundation in New York City.

Ross lives in California and works throughout the American West." from

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