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The Ascension of Christ - A Neglected Doctrine

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Video from Matthew Hartke

"Christian apologists like Gary Habermas, Mike Licona, and William Lane Craig love to talk about the evidence for the resurrection, but they are mostly silent about the evidence for the ascension. In this video we look at some of the reasons why." from video introduction

More Than an Afterthought: Six Reasons Jesus’s Ascension Matters

"Have you marked your calendar for Ascension Day on May 9? How many of us have even heard of Ascension Day? Or perhaps just a sermon about Jesus’s ascension into heaven? It is impossible to overstate the importance of Good Friday, when Jesus died for our sins, and Easter Sunday, when he was raised from the dead — but Jesus’s earthly ministry did not stop there.

After the resurrection, Jesus taught his disciples about God’s kingdom for forty days (Acts 1:3) and then he was “taken up” to heaven (Acts 1:2, 11). The cross and empty tomb are at the very heart of the gospel message proclaimed by Jesus’s followers throughout history (see 1 Corinthians 15:1–4). However, for many evangelical Christians and churches, Jesus’s ascension is simply an afterthought to Easter and Good Friday.

Here I want to highlight six aspects of Jesus’s ascension or exaltation, in hopes that this significant and climactic event in Jesus’s life will no longer be an afterthought for you.." from the article: More Than an Afterthought: Six Reasons Jesus’s Ascension Matters

The Ascension of Christ (Patrick Schreiner)

Video from Alastair Roberts

"Patrick Schreiner joins me to discuss his forthcoming book, 'The Ascension of Christ: Recovering a Neglected Doctrine':" from video introduction

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