The Bible Is More Durable Than an Empire

Video from Naga Seminarian

"This is a compilation video of Jordan Peterson's lectures on the Bible and Christianity. Jordan Peterson seems to be evolving in his opinion on the Bible over the years (2012-2022). Not that Peterson has undermined the Bible at the earlier stages but with time, he seemed to have a deeper and higher regard for the Bible. What are your thoughts? Year: Between 2012-2022 Note: Some talks on the Bible between the years are not included due to time limitation. The source for the different links are not given." from video introduction.

Jordan Peterson is going through a process of recognizing his inadequacy and the durability of the Bible.

The reality of the Living Word and a Living Lord is apparent to all with eyes to see and ears to hear.

We see around us every day in our families and in the culture that in our sinful natures we pridefully reject God, because WE wish to be God!

Each of us are part of the story that God is unfolding. We will choose life with him or death. The evil that runs through all of us is countered whilst we are redeemed through the actions of Christ on the cross.

But we must choose, we must commit, we must be willing to die unto ourselves.

The Bible, God's Holy Word will outlast America. But you and I will live on eternally. Whom do you worship?, men, a nation, wealth, accumulating things?

Your time is short! - Andy


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