The BIG Lie: God to Send a Strong Delusion to the World - John MacArthur

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Video from Public Theology

Are we witnessing a Big Lie, a Mass Delusion right now in the world?

If we look at people in America for example I would say yes just looking at the foolish beliefs in such things as Qanon, Trumpism etc. A lot has been said about this and yes when our fellow humans become lost we must pray for them and be patient and understanding. At the same time we must not condone or ignore these foolish and often evil ideas.

Our daily link to the reality is in our relationship with Christ and the Person of the Holy Spirit. We must pray, confess, repent and read scripture. Instead of social media read scripture and talk with other Christians. Don't become part of the Mass delusion that seems to be at work in the world.

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