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The Book of Enoch & The Nephilim

Video from The Remnant Radio

"On this episode of Donuts & Doctrine Josh Lewis and Jon Bunn discuss fallen angels, the Nephilim, and the book of Enoch. We discuss Dr. Michael Heisers "divine counsel theory", and other related theological topics such as angelology and demonology." from video introduction.

This is an excellent discussion about the Book of Enoch and The Nephelim and will help you understand how crucial this is to your Christian worldview. As Christians today in America we have not only become 'secularized" and biblically illiterate we have become dismissive and narrow minded about the Bible what sources outside the Canon we can read.

As is pointed out fringe groups, in fact cult groups have been the go to authority on The Book of Enoch. This is a dangerous development as theses groups can draw Christians into their gnostic indoctrination.

The Church in America has failed to "teach" Christians about these extra biblical resources.

Scripture references:

Genesis 6: 1-4

Deuteronomy 32

Job 1& 2, and 38


Jon points out how there is ambiguity about much of this subject which he feels is all God wants us to know. Enjoy the podcast and look into the reference material below.

Dr. Michael Heiser:

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