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The Book of Job: Job and the Ancient Near East - Dr. John Walton (5 of 30)

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Video from ted hildebrandt

The Book of Job: Job and the Ancient Near East - Dr. John Walton (5 of 30)

"Biblical eLearning ( presents: Dr. John Walton (Ph.D. Hebrew Union College) has taught for many years at Wheaton College after twenty years on the faculty of Moody Bible Institute. He has published major commentaries on Genesis and Job in the NIVAC series. His Old Testament textbook, A Survey of the Old Testament, is used in colleges across the country. He has also shaped the thinking of Christians in the area of ancient Near Eastern backgrounds in his IVP Background Commentary and the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary and more recently his books: Lost World of Scripture (IVP), Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology (Eisenbrauns), Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament (Baker) and many others. I invite you to click on the "CC" [Closed Captioning] to turn on/off the Closed Captioning option. Outline: 00:22 Review 2:44 Pious Sufferer in Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) Literature 6:33 Ideas in the ANE Sources 11:02 Job has Israelite thinking: 1) No polytheism 12:12 2) No Curiosity as to which god brings trouble 12:46 3) Deserved or Undeserved Punishment 14:33 4) The Great Symbiosis Not in Job 18:24 5) Does Job Serve God for Nothing?—Israelite 19:51 6) Job's Disagreement with Friends show he's Israelite 21:56 7) Book's focus is Israelite: no Ritual Appeasement 23:24 8) God's Justice and Job's righteousness is Israelite 24:51 9) Transcendent view of God 25:14 ANE Literature is Used as a Foil by the Friends Positions 26:32 Summary: Job is Distinctly Israelite 28:32 End." from video introduction.

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