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The Chief Cornerstone

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

I’m sure you are enthused with the clause dubbed ‘’the chief corner stone’’. What actually do you perceive about that, in my own way the angle I fathom is the rejected is now projected and protected. Champion swimmer, Michael Phelps was criticized by teachers for his inability to sit still and was formally diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) when he was in fifth grade. After being on Ritalin for over two years, Phelps chose to stop using drug and instead used swimming to help find focus. His choice clearly paid off as he ended his Olympic career as the most highly decorated Olympian of all time boasting 22 medals (18 of them being gold). Whoopi Goldberg actress, writer, and producer was actually called ‘dumb’ while growing up due to her dyslexia which is a learning disability in which a person finds it difficult read and write. Whoopi with leading roles in movies like sister Act, the colour purple and jumping jack flash being one of the only ten people to win an Emy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony Award proved her critics wrong. Am sure you are quite amaze with the preamble I have given above.

We mostly deny our own opportunities, chances that come forth just because we’ve created a notion in our head that says we are of no good to anybody on earth. We crush our own faith into pieces because we have drawn conclusion that there’s nothing new that could come out of our life, is like you carrying all your eggs in one basket and all of a sudden it falls down and breaks to the extreme people mimic about it then totally feels that you are the thrown into the ashes were you can’t see therefore you begin to pronounce failure to yourself, oh I can’t do this, I have tried hard and hard I can’t think straight because of the belittlement my friends, neighbours,colleages and family have for me, so am always standstill, always marking time. Your teachers criticize you because he or she sees you as dumb nothing better is in you and nothing better can come out of you. People will start to define you by their own words. Example; people will begin to say this lady or guy is just an eating freak all he or she can do best is to just eat but nothing else. People even your immediate family members or friends can tell you, you are a disgrace to humanity ever since you came to this world there’s nothing but chaos. A reflection is what Jabez went through because his mother name him out of pain, so his life was full of bitterness and pain until he prayed to God and changed his name then he began to experience good things in his life. Some of us can attest to the fact that due to the bad words proclaim by our fathers, mothers, friends, teachers, boss we are stocked by it, until you gather courage to deter whatever been said you still gonna be stocked. I want to announce to you a biblical courage that must keep you moving. In Act 9: 15 (NLT) the word of God says “But the Lord said to Ananias go! This is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the gentiles and their kings and to the people of Israel’’.

Most of us know how Saul became Paul and how God used him as the rock of the church. Paul who was then Saul never knew that God will use him, out of his belly there shall come forth of many good things. Those times where he was not in Christ though believed in the Law of Moses, he thought people who accepted Christ were contradicting the law, therefore they must be punished or killed, not knowing he was rather persecuting God not withstanding that yet God chose him as a vessel for the pronouncement of his name. Putting this scenario in accordance into our life, the fact that your family says you are the black sheep doesn’t mean you are thrown outside world, the fact that you’ve committed series of abortion doesn’t mean you are an evil, the fact that you feel you are ugly so nobody can come close to you, the fact that you don’t have a good job doesn’t mean you don’t have any social class, the fact that you are disabled doesn’t mean your world has come to an end. It doesn’t matter the filthy things you did in the past. It doesn’t matter the suffering you’ve gone through forget about it and move on. God has chosen you for a purpose, begin to reshape your life, begin to drop baggages of guilt outside your life. God is making you the head not the tail, God is making you the pillar not the killer, just move towards his will and he will make you his deal. Forget about what people will say about you they are not God nor the sword that you use for your fight in times of trouble or trials.

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