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The Church Fathers - The Life of Saint Augustine

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Video from ExplainEDtv

The Life of Saint Augustine

"In this animation, we take a look at the life of Saint Augustine. We follow St. Augustine as he journeys through life and how his life transformed once he encountered Jesus Christ." from video introduction.

"Augustine is widely acknowledged as the greatest theological mind of the first thousand years of the church’s history. His influence continues to be felt to this day, so his significance cannot be overstated. Augustine’s written output was extraordinary, so knowing where to begin with him is almost as big a challenge as knowing where to begin with the church fathers themselves. It is probably impossible to go astray, however, if one begins with his Confessions. This work is more than a mere autobiography. It is also a work of profound theology. Though it is not a primary source, I would be remiss if I did not also recommend Peter Brown’s biography of Augustine. This work remains the best biography of anyone, ancient or modern, that I have ever read." from Tabletalk Magazine - Vacationing in Church History by Keith A. Matheson

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