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The Coming Collapse of Secular Man - Douglas Wilson

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Video from Cannon Press

What is truth?

Douglas Wilsons speaks to our current apostasy as a nation as it pertains to truth, that is provisional or personal truth, no absolute truth allowed. You are seeing this in politics now and have seen it the past four years. Someone declares a new new truth. It does not line up with reality but that's ok its their truth even if it is harmful. But you must now live by your truth.

Metaphysics is no longer relevant. Transcendental truth is invisible to the relativists.

There are those that worship the true absolute of scripture, the Christians, those that worship an idol the Muslims, then the shame relativist that fashions an idol that functions as an absolute but they do not call it that.

Truth it turns out has always been a fundamental part of God's world. Even if we attempt to deny truth or redefine it our substitute our own for it we fail.

Listen to what Douglas Wilson has to say.

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