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The Complete Holy Bible - NIVUK Audio Bible - Read by Actor David Suchet

Updated: Feb 25

Video from Jonah Marc

“JOHN’s Gospel has been with me most of lockdown,” Sir David Suchet says. “I don’t make any apology for it.” On Easter Day, a virtual audience around the world watched him read the whole of it in the Jerusalem Chamber in Westminster Abbey. The recording has since been viewed more than 74,000 times.

He has engaged with scripture in detail over the years, recording the entire Bible for Hodder & Stoughton’s NIV Audio Bible — which necessitated many hours of reading to bring to life more than three-quarters of a million words." from the article: An interview with Sir David Suchet: the Bible Cannot be Silenced

If you have never heard Actor David Suchet read the Bible you are missing out! He has a distinctive and soothing voice and reads with distinction. Try listening before going to bed or anytime.

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