The Contemporary Church - John MacArthur

Video from The Gospel of Christ

"The contemporary Church. Pastor John MacArthur explains that the Church’s primary concern should be about sanctification. This sermon was originally from the Master's Seminary Facebook page. For more information on Pastor John MacArthur and his teaching visit:" from video introduction.

In theological language, the term sanctification has largely referred to something that we do, normally our growth in holiness. The Bible uses the term sanctification in a more definitive way, indicating the holy status that we have already through our union with Christ. This consecrated status forms the foundation from which we grow in holiness and godliness in our lives and relationships; we strive to be what we are.

John MacArthur believes that many contemporary churches in America today 'Sanctification' is largely missing. The church has become like the world and not apart from it. The church has become a consumer benefit, a means an end.

Does your church care about your sanctification?

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