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The Curse of Oak Island Mystery & Our Lack of Patience

Rick & Marty Lagina
Rick & Marty Lagina

It is interesting how TV shows like "The Curse of Oak Island" can reflect our impatience.

Lets be clear here that our impatience is a by-product of our pride and unbelief.

It is not a benign reaction to circumstances but our frustration at not being in control and we can see it in every area of our lives.

The TV show "The Curse of Oak Island has been on for over ten years now.

I think many people started out thinking the treasure would be located and found in the first season or two, but that was not the case. And even though Rick & Marty Liginas have in interviews voiced their surpise it has gone on so long they are in it fo the long haul.

This is an ages old human sin and we see it illustrated in scripture after God had carried the Israelites out of Egypt through the Red Sea, wiped out their enemies behind them, and fed them with food that fell from heaven yet they were still impatient.

Why? Because the life God had promised them, the life they wanted and longed for, didn’t come fast enough.

We also suffer from the sin of instant gratification.

Many then are the critics that this TV program is inauthentic. Everyone of course has their own opinion. But the question then becomes have you really given the subject more than a glance? Before we jump to invalid conclusions we need to be patient and do some research.

Rick & Marty Lagina

"Rick and Marty Lagina (not to be confused with the dimension-hopping duo) are a pair of brothers obsessed with uncovering a mysterious and long-lost treasure located off the coast of Canada. Acting as a fulcrum on the hit television show, "The Curse of Oak Island,..According to The History Channel, Rick Lagina was originally inspired by the folklore of Oak Island at the age of 11 from a 1965 issue of Reader's Digest, and made it his life's mission to uncover the secrets of Oak Island. Entering Season 9 in 2021, the show has been a decent success for the History Channel, and it currently has a 78% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. However, what job did Rick have before deciding to become a well-known treasure hunter?..Rick was born on January 25, 1952 (via Biography Mask). The United States Postal Service allows for retirement around 55 to 57 years old, assuming the employee has spent 30 years with them (via American Postal Workers Union), so it looks like the moment Rick was able to retire, he took it. Considering that he had been dreaming about Oak Island's treasure since his childhood, it would appear that this was his ultimate endgame. Hopefully, his singular focus eventually yields some definitive proof of his life's calling...

 ..Years before becoming one of the foremost Oak Island researchers and treasure hunters, as well as a globally-known TV personality, Marty Lagina held a variety of different job positions. As recalled by History, after graduating from Michigan Tech in 1977 with his degree in Science and Mechanical Engineering, Marty found himself on the Amoco Production Company payroll. During his time at the oil firm, he finished out his law degree at the University of Michigan and later went on to found his own business: Terra Energy Ltd.

Terra Energy — a company focused on the extraction of natural gas — did incredibly well for some time, but it didn't last forever. In 1995, Marty Lagina signed the company over to CMS energy to the tune of $60 million, prompting him to turn around make some savvy business moves. He used some of that money to invest in Chartwell Properties L.L.C. and become its main shareholder, found the clean energy company Heritage Sustainable, and open a 60-acre vineyard known today as Villa Mari Vineyards. Of course, despite his numerous business ventures, Marty's passion for Oak Island never faded.

At 66 years of age, Marty Lagina has lived an incredibly busy and successful life. One can only hope that his good fortune will continue as "The Curse of Oak Island" rolls on." from the article: The Surprising Career Rick & Marty Lagina Had Before The Curse Of Oak Island

To Those Who Say The Curse of Oak Island Is Fake

"I’ve been critical of the TV show The Curse of Oak Island, but I don’t doubt that the mystery is real. Other than the phony Templar theory, the TV show is real. But the Templar silliness is not why certain people say the show is fake." from video introduction

Satellite view of Oak Island with landmarks
Satellite view of Oak Island with landmarks

The author of the video below puts no credibility in the Templar Connection to Oak Island.

The Curse of Oak Island and the Templar Myth

"Did something happen on Oak Island? Yes. Did the Knights Templar exist? Yes. Were they connected in any way?" from video introduction

The Knights Templar on Oak Island?

Many books have been written and videos/Tv programs claiming there is evidence that the Knights Templar made it over to North America.

Of course there is no smoking gun or concrete evidence just speculation and theory.

Could some of these theories be correct? Yes they could be but as of yet nothing that can validate the Templars actually being here on Oak Island or any where else.

"Zena Halpern (died 2018) worked with Gloria Farley and at the Atlantic Conference 2009, discussed the ancient Goddess Tanit and how depictions of this goddess are found in Mediterranean cultures and in the New World. Her interest early on was ancient seafaring. She investigated ancient harbors and sunken shipwrecks working with the Dr. Elisha Linder on the 5th century BCE ancient ship discovered off the coast of Israel in 1985. A replica of this ship will be launched in the Mediterranean in the coming months." from her website

Zena Halpern
Zena Halpern

This is an excellent article with lots of historical information.

Zena Halpern’s Map of Oak Island

The Curse of Oak Island, Season 5 Episode 9, first airing on January 9, 2018, “The French Connection”

The S5 E9 O.I. was exciting to watch. Credible evidence linking Oak Island in Nova Scotia to a French noble family, with ties to the Knights Templar, should make anyone with a pulse, sit forward on their sofa!

You might be interested in my prior (hastily written) blog on this episode, which can be read here.

During the episode, Rick Lagina and co. travel to castle Rochefoucauld to meet the family representative and Curator, Sonia Matossian..." from the article: Zena Halpern’s Map of Oak Islan

Interpretation of Zena Halpern Map
Interpretation of Zena Halpern Map

Finding Patience

4 I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, 2 with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, "Ephesians 4:1-2

Impatience comes from our pride and unbelief whereas patience grows out of our humility, faith, and joy.

Watching the slow, deliberate progress of "The Curse of Oak Island" will teach you patience if you realize that reality plays out one thing after another. Your life is the same way. Humility deflates impatience by making clear how little we can see in any given moment in time, however difficult or inconvenient that moment may be.

All of us in our impatience overestimate our own ability to judge our circumstances, and we underestimate the good God is constantly doing through unwanted inconveniences, circumstances and delays.

Humble people are patient toward God, and are also patient toward others.

Patience comes from a humble embrace of what we do not know and cannot control. Patience flows a deep and abiding trust that God will follow through on his promises, no matter how unlikely that may seem.

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