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The Fall Into Meta-Consciousness - with Bernardo Kastrup (More Christ)

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Video from Jonathan Pageau

The Fall Into Meta-Consciousness

"This is a repost of my second conversation with Bernardo Kastrup on the More Christ channel and podcast. We discuss the question of different levels and kinds of consciousness, agency, meta-consciousness, spontaneous (“unconscious”) intelligence, intuition, the boundaries of identity, team dynamics and how all of this tie in with the Genesis narrative. Original video: Episode 88: Jonathan Pageau/Bernardo Kastrup 2: Consciousness, Meta-Consciousness, God, and Morality: My previous discussion with Bernardo Kastrup: Episode 75: Jonathan Pageau/Bernardo Kastrup: Orthodoxy, Resurrecting the Western Mind, Body & Soul:" from video introduction

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