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The Hope That Overcomes the World (John 16:23–33) - John MacArthur

Video from Grace to You

The Hope That Overcomes the World (John 16:23–33) - John MacArthur

"I want you to open your Bible now this morning to John’s gospel. We have been, for months and months, in a very, very important section of the Bible, a very important section of this gospel – chapters 13 through 16. We now come to the final portion of that section. John 16:25 through 33.

And we’re going to be looking at verses 25 to 33, and I will confess to you that this could be stretched out for weeks. But I’m going to condense it so that we can move on to chapter 17.

Before we look at the text itself, starting in verse 25, just a kind of a setup, if I might, for just a few minutes. The world in which we live, obviously, is bleak and filled with fearful people who are struggling to make some sense out of life. Their fears are personal, private, individual, but they are also collective. It’s not enough that we have the trouble of our own. But thanks to the media, we have everybody else’s troubles also to carry. There is a massive accumulated deposit of saturated issues that every person has to face. At the same time, we find ourselves struggling to face them because we’re so bad at relationships. So, we lack real support. Trying to secure a meaningful, lasting relationship in marriage seems well-nigh impossible. Families are full of chaos and disintegration. Add to this decades and decades of propagating self-esteem and pride, and what you have is people who are consumed with their own desires and their own wants, who then double-down on the impossibility of making meaningful relationships because they’re so self-centered..." from Transcript

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