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The Logic of Hell: Why Small Actions Have Infinite Significance

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Video from Empire of the Mind

The Logic of Hell

"If you want to know what someone is all about, figure out what's IMPORTANT to them, what MATTERS (or doesn't matter—I'm looking at you, Nihilists). The important things are what drive our lives. In order to have a meaningful, sustainable existence, you have to believe that something in the world is truly significant. But human nature is such that we have a difficult time figuring out exactly what that is. We argue endlessly about what matters with other people. Or worse, we simply ASSUME it—we think that something is truly important when it's really not, and we overlook the things that ARE truly important. Sometimes we need a reality check. We need to be taken out of ourselves. We need a reevaluation of our values. This is what religious teachers do, and Jesus is no exception. In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus flips us on our heads in order to turn us right side up." from the video.

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