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The Mount Ebal Curse Tablet from Joshua's Altar

The Mount Ebal Curse Tablet, Featuring Dr. Scott Stripling on CenterPoint

"Associates for Biblical Research archaeologist Dr. Scott Stripling is featured on TBN's CenterPoint. There, he discusses the Late Bronze Curse Tablet found in Joshua's altar on Mount Ebal. (Video courtesy of CenterPoint)." from video introduction.

Mt. Ebal “Curse Tablet” Discovery: Bigger Than the Dead Seas Scrolls?

Video from Appian Media

"* The results and implications of this archaeological find are currently under peer review, final analysis and verification are expected later this year. * On March 24th, 2022, Appian Media covered a major archaeological announcement in Houston, Texas, regarding a lead tablet found at the excavation site at Mt. Ebal in Israel. Hear from Craig Dehut and Stuart Peck as they break down the discovery and talk about reactions from the archaeologists who made the find. Dr. Scott Stripling, an archaeologist featured in Appian Media's documentary - "Searching for a King: Israel's United Kingdom" (, discovered a folded lead tablet while wet sifting through discarded material from a past excavation on Mt. Ebal, in Israel. The excavation of the Mt. Ebal site was done in the 1980s and revealed an altar described in Deuteronomy 27 and Joshua 8. Written inside of the folded tablet are the Associates for Biblical Research claim are the earlier known Hebrew characters (dating to the late bronze age) and the earliest mention on YWH (Jehovah) found in Israel." from video introduction.

Map of Joshua's altar
Joshua's Altar on Mount Ebal

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