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The Mystery of Existence: Our "Being" in the World

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Our existence as humans with a unique soul and human spirit is a mystery. It is intriguing to say the least. But since it is a mystery that is unlikely to be understood by human cognition is it even worth discussing?

In this video from Closer to Truth host Robert Lawrence Kuhn interviews the late Hubert Dreyfus about "Being" in the world.

Hubert Lederer Dreyfus (Oct 15, 1929 - Apr 22, 2017 age 87) was an American philosopher and professor of philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley. His main interests included phenomenology, existentialism and the philosophy of both psychology and literature, as well as the philosophical implications of artificial intelligence. He was known for his exegesis of Martin Heidegger, which critics labeled "Dreydegger". From Wikipedia

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