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The Nephilim in Beowulf: Richard Rohlin & Jonathan Pageau

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

"Watch the full version: Universal History: Beowulf - with Richard Rohlin: • Universal History..

" from video introduction

The Nephilim in Beowulf

"While I was researching the fragments of Annianus this past week with an eye toward assembling them into a reconstructive narrative, I ran into an odd academic article I had never before encountered. Written in 1971, R. E. Kaske’s “Beowulf and the Book of Enoch” appeared in the unfortunately named journal Speculum and made a case that the beloved Old English epoch poem is founded on the Watchers myth taken directly from the Book of Enoch.

​A few years ago, I explored the notion that Grendel and Grendel’s Mother were envisioned as Nephilim from Genesis 6, a claim that was made rather plain by the Beowulf poet’s description of the pair as descendants of the ungodly race of Cain, those who gave rise to the Giants in the apocryphal legends that grew up around Genesis:.." from the article: Was Beowulf Inspiried by the Book of Enoch?

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