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The Problem with Thinking You Know More than the Experts! (Your Arrogance on Display!)

Video from PBS News Hour

"More and more, people don't care about expert views. That's according to Tom Nichols, author of "The Death of Expertise," who says Americans have become insufferable know-it-alls, locked in constant conflict and debate with others over topics they actually know almost nothing about. Nichols shares his humble opinion on how we got here." from video introduction.

Imperial hubris and arrogance is a fixed non-negotiable quality here in the United States. Factually we are becoming more illiterate and ignorant as we swim in this ocean of information. We are no longer well informed citizens instead we have become poorly informed gossipers and conspiracy theorists.

"Our brains are not wired to contend with the pace of technological change: These respondents said the rising speed, reach and efficiencies of the internet and emerging online applications will magnify these human tendencies and that technology-based solutions will not be able to overcome them. They predicted a future information landscape in which fake information crowds out reliable information. Some even foresaw a world in which widespread information scams and mass manipulation cause broad swathes of public to simply give up on being informed participants in civic life." from the article: The Future of Truth and Misinformation Online

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