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The Professionalization of The Subject of UFO's, Whistleblowers & Reality

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

UFO Reverse Engineering Programs
UFO Reverse Engineering Programs

UFO's, Whistleblowers & Reality

Whistleblowers are Making What Has Been Hidden a Reality

In the following interview held recently at the SALT iConnections Conference in New York Dr. Nolan stated that with 100% probablity he is certain the extraterrestrials have visited earth and continue to do so.

This is an extratordinary statement.

The fact that the US government and DOD have been weaving a series of falsehoods, psyops programs and outright lies for decades is more than obvious. What the actual reality is is being hidden and manipulated.

Dr. Nolan speaks to long running programs of reverse engineering.

Will those holding such secrets give them up easily and are they even as we speak in the process hiding said alien technology from everyone?

Whistleblowers are going to need to take great personal risks to divulge those hidden programs.

The subject is slowly becoming professional in practice and as the public and private sector become more involved what the DOD is hiding will eventually come out or people will find new crashed vehicles etc. to analyze.

Garry Nolan on Aliens & Crashed UFOs | SALT iConnections New York 2023

Video from DisclosureDave

"Dr. Garry Nolan - The Pentagon, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and crashed UFOs SALT is a global thought leadership and networking forum at the intersection of finance, technology and public policy." from video introduction

Six Whistleblowers Say They Worked on Military UFO Programs to Analyze Crash Materials and Reverse Engineer Them

"If you had inside government information about programs involving UFO crash retrievals and reverse engineering programs which you wanted to make public but feared for your reputation, not to mention your life, who would you call to help? Six government whistleblowers who claim that have that kind of information and the files to back it up have gone to the one lawyer who not only has represented some of the biggest whistleblowers in U.S. history, he also has an extensive background in the UFO field. That lawyer is Daniel Sheehan and his name is the most recognizable in The Daily Mail’s exclusive report on this shocking revelation. Daniel Sheehan has been involved with the Pentagon Papers, the death of Karen Silkwood after blowing the whistle on nuclear facilities, the Three Mile Island accident, and other big cases of national importance. He also recently represented former Pentagon official Lue Elizondo in his attempts to release reports on “unmanned aerial phenomena” cases he investigated. If Daniel Sheehan is representing these six UFO whistleblowers, you can safely assume this is a BIG case.

It sounds like the U.S. senators interested in UFO disclosure have been open to hearing from these whistleblowers, but that doesn’t mean they are safe, so it is wise to let Daniel Sheehan do the talking for them … at least for a while. According to his website, the 78-year-old attorney’s involvement with UFO and alien abduction cases dates back to at least 1977 when he served as a “Special Counsel” to the United States Library of Congress’ investigation into the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence that had been requested by then President Jimmy Carter. Carter, himself a UFO witness while governor of Georgia, was said to have wept when he was allegedly informed by the CIA that extraterrestrials on Earth established the world’s religions in order to control humans while they conducted experiments on them. In 2001, Sheehan also served as General Counsel to The Disclosure Project – founded by UFO researcher Steven Greer – which brought together U.S. military officers, Federal Aviation Administration officials, and NASA employees to present their own personal knowledge of Government information confirming the UFO phenomenon and the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence to staff members of the U. S. Congress. Sheehan also served as General Counsel to the Institute for Cooperation in Space which works to ban space-based weapons intended for offensive use against potential extraterrestrial civilizations. With that kind of experience, it appears the six whistleblowers hired the right counsel.

The Daily Mail notes that the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), signed into law by President Joe Biden in December, included an amendment requiring the Pentagon to give senators classified reports on any previously undisclosed programs 'relating to unidentified anomalous phenomena, including with respect to material retrieval, material analysis, reverse engineering'. Sheehan claims some of his whistleblowers spoke to senators before the 2023 NDAA was passed and may have been responsible for the inclusion of “reverse engineering” in the wording. While he is keeping the identities of these whistleblowers under wraps, Sheehan revealed that the group includes a former Defense Intelligence Agency director and most of the witnesses have firsthand knowledge of Roswell-style UFO crash retrieval and reverse engineering programs. While Sheehan assured The Daily Mail that the whistleblower has been set up to talk to Pentagon's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), that group only hinted about this in its recent Senate presentation on its current activities..." from the article: Six Whistleblowers Say They Worked on Military UFO Programs to Analyze Crash Materials and Reverse Engineer Them

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