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The Real Challenges Facing Young People - Prof. Doug Stokes

Video from John Anderson

"In this interview, John speaks with Doug Stokes, Professor of International Security and Strategy at the University of Exeter. Prepping young people for the future is a daunting task within our contemporary landscape. Stokes and Anderson discuss the real challenges facing current and future generations. Doug Stokes is Professor of International Security and Strategy in the Department of Politics at the University of Exeter. He specialises in US foreign policy, international security and debates on grand strategy. Professor Stokes has published a number of books, journal articles and book chapters in these areas including his most recent books; Global Energy Security and American Hegemony, (Johns Hopkins, 2011) US Foreign Policy (Oxford University Press, 2018). His major developed research focus is on the durability of the US led liberal international order and the ways in which great powers can use military power to shape international relations in ways they deem desirable. This question becomes especially interesting in the context of economic power shifting to East Asia, the crisis of Western strategic agency and complex forms of global interdependence in a world of many states. View the full episode here:" from video nintroduction.

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