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The Restitution of All Things in the Theology of Andrew Jukes

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Video from Love Unrelenting

The Restitution of All Things in the Theology of Andrew Jukes

"A brief look at the life and theology of Andrew Jukes' from video introduction

The article below contains many of Andrew Jukes works and links to others, an excellent resource!

The Writings of Andrew Jukes

"Andrew John Jukes (1815-1901) was an English clergyman and author. At age 12 he attended Harrow, a boarding school near London, where he was friends and classmates with F. W. Faber, the famous hymn writer. After leaving Harrow and serving several years in the army, he entered Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1842 he was ordained deacon and licensed to the curacy of St. John's Church in Hull. However, after finding that he could not unfeignedly consent to all things prescribed in the Book of Common Prayer, his curacy was suspended. He left the Church of England, publishing his reasons for doing so in a tract called The Way Which Some Call Heresy. For the next 25 years he was the spiritual leader of an independent congregation in Hull. Many who heard his sermons and lectures encouraged him to publish his work, and his books were soon read around the world. His writings display a deep love for and understanding of the Scriptures, especially the typology of the Old Testament. In 1867 he published The Restitution of All Things, a book refuting the commonly held doctrine of eternal punishment and advocating the universal salvation of mankind. For this he was widely denounced as a heretic, even by many in his own congregation. The book today is considered one of the signature works on the subject. After leaving Hull he moved to Highgate and then Woolwich, where he continued his writing ministry. Click here for a short biography by Herbert Jeaffreson.." from the pdf article: The Writings of Andrew Jukes

The Restoration of All Things

Video from Glenn Hall

"This is a short introduction to the classic Christian work by Andrew John Jukes entitled "The Second Death and the Restitution of All Things." from video introduction

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