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The Rise and Fall of Secular Humanism: Only Two Religions with Peter Jones

"To understand the society in which we live, it is important to understand the ideas and worldviews that have shaped our culture. In this message, Peter Jones explains the development of an ideology called secular humanism—the rejection of God and the elevation of human reason as our ultimate authority. Though it comes with many promises, this view of the world ultimately leaves people empty, alienated, and without answers to their deepest questions. This message is from Dr. Jones’ 12-part teaching series Only Two Religions. Learn more: live in a society that has seen tremendous development in science and technology. This development has been intimately tied to an ideology called secular humanism, which views human reason as the ultimate authority and rejects the supernatural. Modern culture, however, is very open to the supernatural and countless forms of spirituality. In this lecture, Dr. Peter Jones explains the development of secular humanism, tracing its origin, rise to dominance, and eventual decline. By understanding this influential ideological movement, you will be better prepared to understand the modern culture in which you live." from video introduction.

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