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The Rosetta Stone & What it Means!

The Rosetta Stone: Bringing Ancient Egypt Back to Life

Video from Sideprojects

I recall as a child being intrigued by what I read about The Rosetta Stone. And it is indeed very impressive. But the more impressive thing is that many other have been found. Akin to our business agreements or invoices these were not uncommon during this time period. I hope you enjoy the videos. - Andy

The Rosetta Stone and What it Actually Says with Ilona Regulski

Video from The British Museum

The Rosetta Stone is one of the most famous objects in the British Museum. But what is it? What does it actually say? And did you know that since the discovery of the the Rosetta Stone in 1799, another 27 copies have been found throughout Egypt, the most recent being discovered in 2011? If you answered no, don't worry! Dr Ilona Regulski, Curator of Ancient Writing at the British Museum has this and so much more to tell you about the object that unlocked ancient Egypt. If you answered yes, well done for having completed the set reading ahead of time. However, there's still loads more to learn about this amazing object, so stick around for a while. If you'd like to find out more about how hieroglyphs were deciphered in the 1800s, we currently have an exhibition on all about it." from video introduction

How We Decoded The Hieroglyphs Of Ancient Egypt

Video from History Hit

"In this clip from the History Hit documentary 'The Story of Egyptology', Dr Chris Naunton explores how 18th century scholars worked frantically to decode the secrets of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs after the discovery of the Rosetta Stone. Watch the full episode now on History Hit TV:" from video introduction

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