Video from Mosaic

"Have you ever wondered what story you're living in? This week, Lead Pastor Erwin McManus addresses five key mental, emotional, and spiritually-based stories we tell ourselves: that we are the victim, the martyr, the innocent, the hero, or the servant. Adam and Eve both fall into the ‘victim’ story, blaming one another for their mistakes instead of taking personal ownership. In the story of Elijah from 1 Kings 18, we see the mentality of the ‘martyr.’ Elijah sees himself as the only person left who is committed to following God, blind to those around him who are after the same cause. In Matthew 27, Pilate had the power to release Jesus from being condemned. He prioritized remaining ‘innocent’ instead of standing up for what was right. Lastly, in Acts chapter 12, Herod consistently saw himself as the ‘hero’ of the story instead of recognizing the gifts in those around him. If you've been living as the victim, martyr, hero or the innocent-Pastor Erwin invites you to step into the story of David the servant. Nothing was beneath him, because he was a servant to everyone. If you want to change the story of your life and reframe your mind to step into your future, this talk is for you!" from video introduction.


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