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The Tabernacle: The Forming of a Nation (Part 9): Alastair Roberts

Updated: Apr 4

The Tabernacle: The Forming of a Nation (Part 9): Alastair Roberts

Why does a book about the deliverance and foundation of a nation give so much attention to the building of a sacred tent?

"At Mount Sinai, the Israelite nation received the commandment to build for G-d a Sanctuary. The commandment consisted of precise instructions concerning the construction of the Tabernacle, its attending vessels, and the surrounding courtyard. In this manner the words were fulfilled: "... and I shall dwell among them." For the first time on the face of the earth there existed a nation in whose midst dwelt the One G-d, Creator of the universe. The completed tabernacle was dedicated on the first day of the month of Nisan, one year after the exodus from Egypt. From that point forth, it would travel with the children of Israel throughout their forty-year sojourn in the wilderness. It would serve as the spiritual heart of the nation, from which instruction would go forth, and in which the Divine service would be performed. Upon entering the land of Israel, the Tabernacle would continue to perform this function for some four hundred years, after which it was superseded by the Holy Temple built by King Solomon in Jerusalem." from the article: THE TABERNACLE


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