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The True Manifestation of Evil

Manifesting or "The Law of Attraction" is a New Age religion with its origins in occultism and the paranormal.

The Law of Attraction concept is also known as “positive confessions”, “positive affirmations”, “name it and claim it”, “making declarations”, “karma” or “visualization”.

The term “Law of Attraction” was created in a book written by Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky in 1877 called Isis Unveiled.

Blavatsky wrote extensively about her communication with entities that educated her about manifesting.

Manifesting or "The Law of Attraction" is an evil practice Christians should avoid.

The True Manifestation of Evil

"This special Good Fight Ministries release, “The True Manifestation of Evil,” examines what is formally known as the “Law of Attraction,” but better known today as "manifesting." Many people around the world are participating in this practice, saying they are going to "speak it into existence" or "put it out into the universe," yet don't have any idea of the dark origins of the theory. Do these phrases sound familiar? “Manifest Your Reality” • “You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe” • “Like Attracts Like” • “Ask, Believe, Receive” • “You are the creator of your own reality" • “Speak it into existence” • “The Secret is Law of Attraction” We sit down with multiple experts and former practitioners of the new age and occult to discover what this practice actually is and whether or not people should be engaging in it! Want to know what is really going on? Buckle up and get ready for “The True Manifestation of Evil”!" from video introduction

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