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The UFO Truth Embargo is Ending & A New Reality is Approaching (??)

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Be Skeptical, Be Open Minded!

For me personally as a Christian I have no problem with the revelations of non-human entities. My world will not be rocked, my confidence in God will not be shaken.

The secular world around us is in denial. But not just denial of possible non-human entities but in denial of a all-powerful transcendant God!

The cosmos around us, the unseen realm is very active with conflict and much we do not understand. God's Holy Word has proclaimed that there were Angelic/demonic entities before us and they continue to operate along side of us, interacting with us when necessary.

Non-Human Entities
Non-Human Entities

The UFO Truth Embargo is Ending

More Than UFO's

UFO's has been a catch-phrase for an entire "Phenomenon" which includes many supernatural elements, and many other life forms.

The American public has little interest, at least for now.

The reality of what we are talking about is I think well beyond our cognitive ability to understand.

We arrogantly believe we can understand!

Yet the mere fact our goverment/military has been hiding this reality with the use of taxpayers dollars for decades requires its disclosure.

Have you considered what the revelation of non-human entities will do to your worldview?

If you acknowledge Christ and accept the Bibles revelations about angels and other beings this should not shock you.

In the videos below we hear from Steve Bassett and Whitley Strieber, both wise and experienced in the subject and reality of "The Phenomenon".

At the very least this all could be a long standing pysops by the military or it could be more.

Is DISCLOSURE Happening? | Richard Dolan Show w/Steve Bassett

"For more than twenty years, no one in the UFO community has been more associated with the concept of UFO Disclosure than Steve Bassett. Since the 1990s, he has worked tirelessly as a self-described UFO activist to achieve the goal of official recognition of the reality of the UFO/UAP reality by the United States government. Now three weeks after the latest major revelation in the community from David Grusch, Richard Dolan interviews Steve on what's next. Are we truly close to some kind of genuine UFO Disclosure? Steve believes the answer is yes and explains why." from video introduction


Video from Jeremy Corbell

"Author Whitley Strieber has endured a lifetime of bizarre encounters with a non-human intelligence. In his 1987 blockbuster "Communion", Strieber described a series of terrifying intrusions by seemingly alien creatures he called The Visitors. The book sold millions of copies, was made into a major motion picture, and generated hundreds of thousands of letters from people around the world who reported similar experiences. Strieber's own encounters with the Visitors have not only continued over the ensuing decades but have evolved into an even more complex mystery, one that seems to involve more than one non-human species as well as human souls and the afterlife. In this candid conversation with Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, Strieber revisits his most unusual encounters, shares his private thoughts about the reasons for the UFO coverup, discusses current developments involving crash retrievals and whistleblowers, and addresses the central question - are we ready for the truth?" from video introduction

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