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The Uniqueness of Christ - William Lane Craig

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Video from John Anderson

The Uniqueness of Christ - William Lane Craig

"In this short, William Lane Craig talks to John about the uniqueness of Christ in light of his divine authority fulfilling the Old testament promises of the messiah in word and deed. William Lane Craig is an American analytic philosopher, Christian theologian and apologist, and author. He is Professor of Philosophy at Houston Baptist University and Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology (Biola University). At age 16, while a junior in high school, he first heard the message of the Christian gospel and yielded his life to Christ. He has spent his career contributing to the theological debate, including updating and defending the Kalam cosmological argument for the existence of God. William Lane Craig has authored and edited over forty books and over two hundred articles published in professional philosophy and theology journals, including The Journal of Philosophy, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Faith and Philosophy, Erkenntnis, and American Philosophical Quarterly. His most recent publication is In Quest of the Historical Adam: A Biblical and Scientific Exploration.

Conversations feature John Anderson, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, interviewing the world's foremost thought leaders about today's pressing social, cultural and political issues. John believes proper, robust dialogue is necessary if we are to maintain our social strength and cohesion. As he puts it; "You cannot get good public policy out of a bad public debate." If you value this discussion and want to see more like it, make sure you subscribe to the channel here:" from video introduction.

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