"The US is following in the footsteps of the Soviet Union" - Putin

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"The US is "almost" following in the footsteps of the Soviet Union in their attempts to “impose their model on the entire world,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in Moscow on Thursday, adding that “misfortune” awaits them too." from video introduction.

There are currently many predictions of Americas demise by both Americans and our adversaries. Vladimir Putin comes across a s a keen observer of history and nations. Is he saying this as a psychological attack on America? Could be? But the question is objectively is he correct? We see America destroying itself from the inside. Our adversaries have reacted with glee as for the past 4 years Trump has contributed to the moral and civil breakdown of our nation, Russia included.

I personally for what its worth believe he is correct.

We have been arrogant and prideful as a nation for a very long time. God will not be mocked. The level of evil in our culture is very high: Porn, abortion, unethical and dishonest behavior, not caring for the poor etc. Christians have started falling away caught up in personality cults (Trump) and conspiracies (Qanon), which further brings us toward divine discipline on a national level.

Think about it, is this true? What is your part in this?

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