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The Voice of Evil - Demons Through Human Vocal Cords

"He who does not believe in the Devil, does not believe in the Gospel." - Saint Pope John Paul ll

Evil at Work in Our Culture
Evil at Work in Our Culture

The possession of Annilese Michel is controversial to say the least.

If we listen to the tapes of the alledged exorcisms and listen to what the Demons have to say we discover that much of what we supect about evil seems to be true. Yet a Demon is a liar so we must always listen with skepticism.

America has turned away form God and now the Fallen Spirits of Old have returned. Are you ready?

"Anna Elisabeth “Anneliese” Michel was a German woman who was diagnosed with depression and epileptic psychosis at age 16. She was treated at a psychiatric hospital unsuccessfully and her symptoms worsened. At age 20, Anneliese was suicidal. She had seizures, hallucinations, heard voices, and had violent reactions to religious words and objects. She was also growling, self-harming, eating insects, and drinking her own urine.

Because medication and psychiatric treatment had not improved Anneliese’s health in five years, her family began looking for other forms of treatment. The movie The Exorcist based on the bestselling horror novel had come out two years earlier. Anneliese and her family were very religious themselves and wondered if her health issues could stem from demonic possession. One priest the family met with, Ernst Alt, said Anneliese “didn’t look like an epileptic”. They decided to ask the Catholic Church for an exorcism. The church officially rejected their plea but a local bishop gave permission for an exorcism to be performed in “total secrecy”.

In 1975, two priests began performing exorcisms on Anneliese. At this time, Anneliese’s family stopped working with medical professionals. Anneliese became malnourished and stopped eating as the exorcisms went on and on. A total of 67 exorcisms were performed on her over a 10 month period before Anneliese Michel died of malnutrition and dehydration. At the time of her death, the 23-year-old woman weighed just 68 pounds, was covered in bruises, had fractured teeth, and could not get out of bed unassisted.

After her death, Anneliese’s parents and the two priests, Ernst Alt and Arnold Renz, were charged with negligent homicide. German officials found that Anneliese’s death was preventable up to a week before she succumbed to malnutrition. Prosecuters argued that Anneliese had never had issues other than her medical health. They argued that the symptoms of her imagined possession were simply the symptoms of epilepsy and psychosis filtered through her experience being raised in an extremely religious family.

The church paid for the parent’s and priest’s lawyers, who played tapes of Anneliese’s exorcism during the trial. Priests Ernst Alt and Arnold Renz argued that Anneliese’s demonic possession was serious. They said her demons had been identified as ” Lucifer, Cain, Judas Iscariot, Belial, Legion, Hitler and Nero” and that the exorcisms were eventually “successful” because she died right after the demons were driven out of her.

The priests and Anneliese’s parents were all found guilty of negligent homicide and given 3 years probation.." from the article: Some Of The Creepiest Audio Recordings On The Internet

Are you uncomfortable with the prospect or reality of Demonic entities that can enter and possess people? You should be!

The following recordings are the originals for the 10 months of exorcisms.

Rare, Unedited Recordings of the 67 Exorcisms of Anneliese Michel, the Real Emily Rose

Video from Planet Weird

"Anneliese Michel, the real-life Emily Rose, underwent 67 exorcisms that eventually killed her, and these are the rare, uncut audio recordings taken during those ten months." from video introduction

Fr. Chad Ripperger on the Exorcism of Emily Rose (ANNELIESE MICHEL, GERMANY, 1975)

Connecting The Fatima Message | The Demonic Possession Of Anneliese Michel (MINI DOCUMENTARY)

Video from Jerome Chong

"He who does not believe in the Devil, does not believe in the Gospel." - Saint Pope John Paul ll Growing up i heard the story of Anneliese one too many times, and being the little kid i was, i thought Anneliese's demonic possessions to be just another typical "Devil possesses girl and then girl dies." Not knowing that the day will come when i will put together a short and simple Documentary on her demonic experiences and further understand how this wasn't just an ordinary case of demonic possession, but one that would bring about the salvation of many lost souls. Few days before i started researching for my video, i sat on my couch and gave a thought about which saint i was gonna document on. I still have no idea how the thought of Anneliese Michel came into mind. Her story left me at random times during the day just sitting and thinking and getting all so emotional at how such a young, sweet and humble girl would suffer so much and die at the very young age of 24. Yes, the two priests who performed the exorcisms and Anneliese's parents were charged with manslaughter because the autopsy revealed that she died from exhaustion and starvation. But it doesn't mean that her mission of having to atone for the lost souls failed. What may seem as lost here on earth is actually a victory in Heaven. Remember that our Lord revealed to her that she will become a great saint. That doesn't mean a saint through canonization, but a saint in the Heavenly Kingdom. Not to forget that we can call Anneliese as having been a mystic. Throughout her torments and struggles she was visited by heavenly visitors who came to strengthen her and encourage her. One of them being her deceased sister Martha. During an Exorcism on 31 October, 1975 the demons were exceedingly upset, stating that there were a number of heavenly visitors present in the room, including the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Padre Pio, Anneliese's deceased sister Martha, Siegfried, both of Anneliese's grandmothers, Therese Newman (a well known mystic and stigmatic who lived in Germany too) and Saint Michael the Archangel. Amazingly Saint Padre Pio and Therese Newman appeared numerous times to help with the exorcism. Her grave and room have over the years become a popular site for many pilgrims, but the very house in which she lived in however, was burnt in a mysterious fire. Also note that the rite of exorcism that was performed on Anneliese was an age old one. After her death the Church thought this to be too extreme and introduced a more modern approach to Demons and Possessions. Involving Psychiatric help as the first move. Sadly, many of the faithful today tend to look at this case as being more of a mental illness." from video introduction

SHOCKING True Stories of Demon Possession w/ Exorcist Expert Adam Blai

"Adam Blai is a peritus of religious demonology and exorcism for the Diocese of Pittsburgh. He trains exorcists nationally and regularly participates in deliverance ministry. In this interview, Adam recounts many of his firsthand experiences of demonic possession." from video introduction

Jonathan Cahn: The Stunning Secret Behind The Shooting At The Christian School in Nashville

"Could there be a dark and demonic secret that the media will never tell you – but that lies behind the shooter and the shooting at the Christian school in Nashville." from video introduction


Can someone offer analyze the case of Anneliese Michel forty six years removed based on information and sound recordings?

Anneliese Michel Case Analysis | Exorcism vs. Mental Health Treatment

Video from Dr. Todd Grande

"This video answers the question: Can I analyze the case of Anneliese Michel?" from video introduction

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