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The West as a Cut Flower Civilization: Nations & Culture Do Not Survive Without the Sacred

"Culture and sacred order are inseparable, the former the registration of the latter as a systemic expression of the practical relation between humans and the shadow aspect of reality as it is lived. No culture has ever preserved itself where it is not a registration of sacred order. There, cultures have not survived. The . . . notion of a culture . . . that persists independent of all sacred orders is unprecedented in human history.." Life Among the Deathworks - Philip Rief

If ever the church in America or for that matter around the world needed the help of the Person of the Holy Spirit it is now! The American church is in a crisis that has not been experienced by any previous era or generation.

Our world has adopted Christian sensibilities but rejected the faith.

The current generation is falling away, becoming the nones.

Some of this implosion can be shared by the church itself that has been diluting itself with culture for many years.

But we should never dismiss the power of God at work in His Kingdom, even with our sin and failings.

When we reject the sacred, we reject life!

My Life Among the Deathworks by Philip Rieff

"..Deathworks is a devastating critique of modern culture, focusing on our vain Western attempts to reorganize society without a sacred center. According to Rieff, a patently irreligious view of society—which many Westerners desire—is not only foolish and destructive, but impossible. We can no more live without a religious framework than we can communicate without a linguistic framework or breathe without a pulmonary framework. Religion is in our blood, and the more we deny it, the sicker our society becomes. As Rieff surveyed the 21st-century Western world, he perceived the sickness had become nearly fatal..." from the article: A Theological Sickness unto Death: Philip Rieff’s Prophetic Analysis of our Secular Age

Os Guinness - The West as a Cut Flower Civilization

Video from Praxis Circle

"Praxis Circle is a community building worldviews to renew free and good society. We do this primarily through thought-provoking interviews of our many Contributors and other online resources. In this clip of his interview with us, Os Guinness explains what it means for the West to be a "cut flower" civilization: it is cut at the roots of what made it. Dr. Os Guinness is a British author and social critic who focuses on Western civilization and literature, cultural issues, the interrelations of worldviews globally, and the importance of the U.S. Constitution to the global public square. He was interviewed because of his ideas concerning freedom, the public square, and America. To learn more about Dr. Os Guinness:" from video introduction

Philip Rieff and His Life Among the Deathworks : The Theology Pugcast Episode 163

"Philip Rieff was one of the most incisive critics of the postmodern turn in western culture of the last 50 years. A secular Jew, he longed for a world that reflected a sacred order. His insights were as penetrating as those of Charles Taylor, but with this important difference—while Taylor described our secular age, Rieff wanted to destroy it. Tune in as Chris describes his own process of incorporating Rieff’s insights into his own thinking and writing. Naturally, Tom and Glenn have plenty to add." from video introduction

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