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Time Bandits..All the Dreams You've Ever Had - And Not Just the Good Ones!

Time Bandits..All the Dreams You've Ever Had - And Not Just the Good Ones!

Terry Gilliam Movies Are All About Imagination

"Over the course of a nearly 50-year career, Terry Gilliam has established himself as one of the film industry’s most original directors. Humor writer Tom Gerencer has been a fan of Gilliam since the days of Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Time Bandits.

“I’m envious of this guy who was born with this fantastic, fertile imagination superpower, and then was able to make a living off it, and make so many great works of art out of it,” Gerencer says in Episode 440 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “My hat’s really off to him. I think he’s an astounding human being.”.. " from the article: Terry Gilliam Movies Are All About Imagination

Time Bandits
Time Bandits

The movie "Time Bandits" was brillinately written and well acted! If you never seen the movie then take time to watch it!

Dreams vs reality: TIME BANDITS thematic set design

Video from Collative Learning

"Film analysis of visual communication in Terry Gilliam's underrated classic Time Bandits (1981). RE: COMMENTS for some reason this video keeps being switched to "comments disabled" even though I keep re-enabling them. Apologies, very annoying. Written, edited & narrated by Rob Ager." from video introduction

Costumes and Sets of Time Bandits


(2014) This past Tuesday, the Criterion Collection released one of my all time favorite films from Terry Gilliam, the 1981 film: Time Bandits.

It features a gorgeous new transfer of the film, several old and new supplements, and new cover art featuring a redesigned title treatment from F. Ron Miller.

The film still holds up, after all these years and all of these viewings, for me. The art direction is absolutely gorgeous, and this video, which the Criterion Collection just uploaded to their YouTube channel, features Time Bandits‘ costume designer, James Acheson, discussing what went into designing the sets and costumes." from the article:

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