"To believe that America is a great evil...is a luxury belief." - Bari Weiss

Video from American Optimist

"This moment in our culture was made for a writer and thinker like Bari Weiss. What can Americans do to beat back the wave of illiberalism currently sweeping through our institutions? Bari Weiss took her stand last summer, resigning from the New York Times to launch her own Substack newsletter. Her courage has since inspired others to defend free speech, diversity of thought, and other core American values. In this episode, she explains what's at stake today. Left unchecked, "woke" intolerance and groupthink result in real harm to individuals and society—as indicated by many factors, including a recent, worrying rise in anti-Semitic violence. Weiss lays out the case for building new schools, media outlets, and institutions that protect the values that make our republic exceptional." from video introduction.

Check out Joe's full conversation with Bari Weiss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBvUo...


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