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Twin Artists, and the Healing Power of Art

Twin Artists, and the Healing Power of Art

The unique connection that God provides to twins is a mystery.

Do they communicate telepathically? How do they know so much about each other without words?

Are they so connected that they cannot live without each other, as the video below seems to indicate?

Each one of us leaves an imprint in the hearts and minds of those around us, the community that we live in.

The notes we have written, and the art we made leave behind a memory for the world and the people we love.

"Joe and Will Lawrance were identical twins who shared most everything, including an incredible gift for artistic expression. They also each suffered depression that led them to take their own lives. Now, their parents, Mark and Jan Lawrance, want their late sons to be remembered for their remarkable artwork (now on display at the Indy Art Center in Indianapolis), which they hope will give comfort and inspiration to others. Correspondent Jim Axelrod reports." from the video introduction

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