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UFO Idolatry and an Extraterrestrial Savior

Updated: Feb 16

UFO Idolatry and an Extraterrestrial Savior

"I typically go to UFO conferences because I'm friendly to the question of extraterrestrial life. I don't see it as a theological problem. But I hammer the ancient alien stuff, because to me that actually cheapens and makes ridiculous a legitimate question. And the people that go to UFO conferences are just very normal there. And I offend some people by saying; you can have better discussions about spiritual things at a UFO conference than you can at church because people are predisposed to thinking about big picture questions, you know, that are ultimately and inherently theological. So it's a good thing I think, to have Christians involved in." from video introduction

Dr. Heiser points us to this website that has many articles revealing Patents from inventors that are being used by the military. Many of them resemble some of theses so called UFOs. Read some of them and see what you think.

Everyone is looking for a savior. Life is hard and difficult and cruel.

But despite the fact we already have a Savior that has died for us to redeem us from our sin we in our unbelief often still seek another savior.

None of this can be looked at in a vacuum, certainly not separate form a Gospel Centered worldview. Are we sober minded Christians or are we easily fooled by lies, conspiracies and hype?

“There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign overall, does not cry, Mine!” Abraham Kuyper

You don’t have to go back far in our contemporary age to find people with expectations of ET coming to save us from ourselves. Advanced technology and utopian thinking. Look at the 1956 film “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. We find in its closing scenes the whole UFO, extraterrestrial intelligence obsessions we still have today. The majority of the purported documentaries today are designed to promote unrealistic conspiracies and fantasies that benefit the bottom line. There is very little objective reporting today.

Video from Movieclips

“But if these UFOs are not spacecraft from other galaxies, what are they? In the 1960s, the United States government was asking the very same question. To try to understand this phenomenon better, they recruited Lynn Catoe, a librarian at the United States Library of Congress. Are UFOs a Spiritual Phenomenon?

Summarizing her findings, she said: “Many of the UFO reports now being published in the popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomena which have long been known to theologians and parapsychologists. Therefore, references to these subjects have been included as well as references to occult works which have similarities to the general tone and content of the UFO literature.” Don’t miss this. Here is a publication from the American government that says UFO phenomena are “strikingly similar to demoniac possession and psychic phenomena.” That is, UFOs are an occult phenomenon. They are not natural; they are spiritual in nature. That means they are the product of spiritual agent’s intent on deception and evil. That was Lynn Catoe’s description. There are several reasons for thinking that she’s right. From the article: Are UFOs a Spiritual Phenomenon?

Are UFOs a Spiritual Phenomenon? There has long been at least in our nation since the 1940s this belief that the US government has captured extraterrestrial craft and its dead occupants. We have been reverse-engineering the technology etc. Some really interesting urban myths have grown out of it but just like the fanciful Election Fraud claims of the past election, there are only conspiracy theories and enthusiasm no real facts.

People want to believe. But believing a fantasy and a lie does not make it so.

People have already found correlations to UFO with regional beliefs around the world and trends in fiction. What does that mean? It means the demonic intelligence using this masquerade knows our culture, the time they are in, and how to use these things to manipulate us.

The hype around the upcoming release of a UFO Sightings from around the world by the US Air force will do little to settle the controversy. Admitting they don’t know what many of these sightings are is not news. And can we even trust their admissions if some of these videos are of American or foreign test craft? See article: Pentagon To Release Detailed Report On UFO Sightings From 'All Over The World.

Reading a book called, Flying Saucer to the Center of Your Mind: Selected Writings of John Keel, Keel states in an article (chapter 22, The Secret Tape to the Congress of Scientific Ufologists), that it was his opinion that the United States military and other related government entities probably had the UFO phenomena figured out in 1946 (or at least by the 1950’s).

Looking at the work of the late John Keel, he relates that the phenomena is related to the Earth, in other words, it has always been here, interacting with mankind since the Fall. Keel in his book Operation Trojan Horse said that the phenomena is probably demonic in origin or is at least similar in nature. “The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomena.” He stated.

It may be the case Air Force personnel were intelligent enough back in the 1940’s, or at least by the end of Project Bluebook in 1969, to have figured out the spiritual nature of the UFO phenomena, just as John Keel, Jacques Vallee, and others also came to understand it.

And as you can see from the above video there is this huge confirmation bias that UFO cultists have and it is that everything the read or see out of context is about a conspiracy or extraterrestrials. Fox Muldur all over again!

Our Christian understanding of the spiritual world was more widespread at that time among the general population than it is today, also in our secular age even if an Air force investigation implied that UFOs are related to the “age-old demonological phenomena,” they obviously took the easy way out. Officially then the Air Force determined that UFOs do not pose a national security risk and abandoned it altogether.

So I say with sober minded faith look at all of this with a skeptical eye. There really is nothing new under the sun!

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