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UFO's in Christian Art - What are We Really Seeing Here?

Updated: Apr 1

Video from FringePop321

UFO's in Christian Art - What are We Really Seeing Here?

Dr. Michael S. Heiser takes a detailed look at multiple pieces of Christian art and whether or not they contain references to ancient aliens. Watch this fascinating episode to discover what's really going on." from video introdduction.

As usual Dr. Heiser is very insightful in his analysis of UFO's and Christian Art. Many Christians have been drawn into the vortex of pop culture, New Age and Satanic and Human deceptions. We distract ourselves from the True God to consider lesser gods and their trappings. Don't be caught up in spending more time contemplating UFO's and the paranormal than focusing and establishing a relationship with your Lord!

My efforts on this blog are among other things to help you understand that our salvation is not found in grey aliens or reptilians but in Christ alone!! - Andy

"UFOs in Christian Art

Until recently, the dawn of the UFO phenomenon was normally placed in the mid-twentieth century, inaugurated by the Kenneth Arnold sighting of 1947. Television shows like Ancient Aliens try to push alien visitation back into antiquity. One example featured on the show is the alleged presence of flying saucers in medieval and Renaissance Christian art. UFOs in Christian Art: Was Jesus an Alien?

There are many examples of medieval and Renaissance Christian paintings that allegedly include flying saucers. One is Cravelli’s famous painting of the Virgin Mary called Annunciation (Figure 1). In the upper left portion a round, luminous object is visible—a UFO according to Ancient Aliens and a number of internet sites. The object is emitting a beam of light onto the Virgin Mary—proof, say UFO believers, that Mary’s conception was aided by extraterrestrials, not God.

UFOs in Christian Art: More than Meets the Eye

What are we to make of Crivelli’s painting? There are, of course, many similar examples.

One art historian, Diego Cuoghi, has stepped up to challenge the idea that the circular object in the painting is a flying saucer. Cuoghi has analyzed dozens of paintings on his website to show that such objects are not UFOs and have nothing to do with aliens..." from the article: UFOs in Christian Art

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