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UFO's/UAP's in the Oceans & Our Militaries Response

The U.S military responds as it always does with obstifucation and distraction. Straight answers are few.

I understand the paranoia about our technological and operational capabilities and why the services often respond the way that they do.

The pysop side of what they do is always ongoing.

The reality of what they are anyone else encounters is therefore hidden in a veil of distraction and denial.

Is it secret American underwater craft of does it belong to someone else or is it completely unidentified?

Richard Dolan discusses the possibilities.

5 Concealed Navy UFO Encounters | The Richard Dolan Show

UFO's/UAP's in the Oceans & Our Militaries Response

Join Richard Dolan as he delves into five previously unknown and unexplained events that occurred in the open seas involving the U.S. Navy. From the strange triangular formation of bogies that disappeared from radar, to the luminescent undersea object witnessed by the crew of the USS Monrovia in the aftermath of the USS Scorpion sinking, these accounts will leave you questioning what we truly know about our world. Witness firsthand accounts of these incidents, including a peculiar event in the Bermuda Triangle involving the U.S.S. Glover AGFF-1, where crew members reported seeing bright red-orange circular objects that caused chaos on the ship and led to system failures. Learn also about the subsequent orders to remain silent about these incidents. Richard delves into the possibility of intentional suppression of these incidents by the Pentagon, raising questions about the transparency and honesty of the authorities involved.

Underwater UFO/USO Caught on Film | Deep Ocean ROV Footage

Video from UFOs Worldwide

"This is quite interesting and grabbed my attention today. While I cannot speculate as to what this is - I certainly am interested in getting more detail out of it if possible. This is just some negative exposure stuff from a screen recording of the source video - I recommend checking out the source link and watch it in full to listen to the interview. Maybe @TahoeDeep could share the raw footage with me ? Tahoe wrote the following description on a separate video: This USO/UFO footage was filmed with a work class ROV at an ocean depth of 5870 Feet (1789 Meters) in the Gulf of Mexico. While the footage quality isn't excellent, ROV operators that have seen the footage have concluded that it is not organic. The USO was untethered and was operating at a depth that prevented any kind of remote operation. If it was of Russian or Chinese origin, the USO demonstrated advanced AI operation, construction, and power management capabilities that are not known in the commercial ROV world. USOs have been sighted before by commercial ROV pilots, but this is the first footage (as far as we know) to ever see the light of day." from video introduction

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