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Ukrainian Choir Sings Spiritual Anthem & Traditional Folk Song - Kyiv Symphony Orchestra & Chorus

Video from 100Huntley

"The Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (KSOC) was founded and began performing sacred masterpieces of classical music in 1993. These pieces—including Handel’s Messiah—were banned under Communist rule. As the Iron Curtain lifted and this music became known to Ukrainian musicians, they described it as “an explosion of light.” These time-honored compositions powerfully communicate texts that come directly from Scripture, declaring God's glory to the nations. For the musicians of the KSOC, music is both profession and calling. Our members are graduates of the world-renowned Tchaikovsky National Music Academy and now regularly perform in Ukraine and tour the U.S. and Canada. They have appeared at National Opera Theater in Kyiv and played in numerous churches, colleges, and concert halls throughout the world. Performance of "Prayer for Ukraine" and "Oak (Ukrainian Folk Song) by Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus was originally recorded in 2014." from video introduction.

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